Three categories of people Allaah will not speak to them on the Day of Judgement

Three categories of people Allaah will not speak to them on the Day of Judgement

On the authority of Abu Hurairah رضي الله عنه said: The Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “three Allaah will neither speak to them on the day of Judgment, nor purify them (and Abu Mu’aawiyah said: nor He will look at them) and for them [they are promised] a painful torment: a senile fornicator, a lying king and an arrogant pauper”.

[Collected by Muslim no 107].

Explanation of An-Nawawee rahimahul-llaah:

(will not speak to them) i.e. the way it is spoken to doers of good deeds, and it is said: the meaning is turning away from them, and the bulk of mufassireen (scholars of exegesis) said: He will not speak to them with a speech that benefits them and pleases them, and it is said: He will not send angels to them carrying greetings.
(will not look at them) i.e. will turn away from them.

(will not purify them) i.e. from the dirt of their sins, and Az-Zajjaaj said: He will not praise them.

As for the reason of singling out the senile fornicator, the lying king and the arrogant pauper with the said torment, the jurist ‘iyaadh said: the reason is each one of them committed the said sin even though it is far from him, its causes are weak in his condition and him being in no need of it. Though no one is excused for a sin, but when there was neither pestering necessity nor pushing factors for these sins, their committing of these sins is out of stubbornness and belittling the right of Allaah [1].

Explanation of Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih Al-‘Uthaimeen rahimahul-llaah:

(Three) means three categories, not three men, rather it could be thousands of people, and likewise whenever the word three or seven or it likes are found the meaning is categories not individuals.

Those three categories, Allaah will neither speak to them nor look at them nor purify them, and for them [awaits, they are promised] a painful torment.

The first one: a senile fornicator, that is because if the old man fornicates, he has no lust that pushes him to do this act, the young man may has within him a lust and he may be unable to control himself, but as for them old man his lust cooled down or decreased emphatically, so him fornicating indicates that he is very bad-the refuge of Allaah is sought-.

And adultery is an obscenity whether it occurred from the young man or the old man, but it is severer if it occurs from the old man.

The second one: a lying king, this is because the king does not need to lie, his word is dominant over people, so there is no need for him to lie, so if he lies he promises people but does not keep the promise, he says I will do this but he does not, he says I will leave this but he does not.

And lying is unlawful whether it occurs from the king or from other than the king, but it is severer if it is occurs from the king, because his word is dominant over people so he must be honest. Lying is unlawful, and it is from the traits of hypocrites- the refuge of Allaah is sought-, and it is impermissible for anyone to lie, as for the saying of some laymen: if lying does not sever an individual from something that is lawful to him then there is no harm, this is a satanic principle and it has no origin neither in plausibility nor in religion.

The third one: an arrogant pauper, and this is the point of citing this hadeeth, this arrogant pauper does not possess what causes arrogance, the rich one may be deceived by his richness and it may causes him to show trait of arrogance towards the servants of Allaah, as for the pauper, so long he is a pauper how could he be arrogant?
And arrogance is unlawful, whether it occurs from the rich or the pauper, however it is severer if it occurs from the pauper, for that you find if people saw a humble rich man they are amazed, and they would see that this rich man is in utmost state of noble manners, but if they find a humble pauper they would see him like common people, because poverty necessitates man to be humble [2].

Translator’s note:

It is feared for those who have no reason to be arrogant other than wealth such as knowledge or beauty or honourable linage, but are still arrogant to be included in this hadeeth and be promised a painful torment, because the reason for including those three categories is committing the said sin when there is neither a necessity nor a pushing factor.

We have seen individuals who are not known that they possess knowledge, or wealth, or descend from honourable linage or have been gifted good looks or even have praiseworthy manners showing traits of arrogance!

We seek refuge to Allaah from arrogance and all sins, aameen.

[1] Sharh An-Nawawee, book of eemaan, chapter 46, hadeeths 106 and 207.
[2] Sharh riyaadhus-Saaliheen, volume three, chapter 72, hadeeth 6/617.


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