Newly Innovated Affairs in Hajj

Newly Innovated Affairs in Hajj

The affairs the people have newly invented in Hajj are as follows:

1) To travel for visiting the graves of the Prophets and the righteous people. And they use the fabricated hadeeth: «Whomsoever visits me and my father Ibraaheem in a single year, I guarantee for him Allaah’s paradise.»

2) To travel for Hajj without sufficient sustenance claiming to correctly apply reliance upon Allaah (tawakul);

3) To believe that one’s Hajj is incomplete without visiting the grave of the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam):

«Whomsoever performs Hajj and does not visit me then he has disrecpectd me.»

«Whomsoever visits me after my death, it is as though he visited me whilst I am alive.»

«Whomsoever visits my grave, then know that he will find my intercession (shafaa) for him (ie. day of resurrection).»

4) Uncovering of the right shoulder when wearing the Ihraam;

5) Openly uttering ones intentions whilst putting on Ihraam or making Tawaf;

6) Shouting Talbiyyah simultaneously in groups with a single tone at once;

7) Uttering Takbeer (saying; Allaahu Akbaar) and al-Tahleel (saying; La illaha illa Allaah) rather than Talbiyyah;

8) Traveling to (visit specific) masaajid, mountains, and areas which are within the boundaries of Makkah;

9) Constantly uncovering ones right shoulder and jogging before and after Tawaf-Qudoom;

10) Stopping during Tawaf (circumambulating) while passing the Black Stone for every lap;

11) Crowding (excessively) to kiss the Black Stone, and rising before the Imaam to kiss the Black Stone;

12) Adhering to specific a Du’aa for each lap;

13) Raising ones voice with du’aa whilst performing Ta’waf and Sa’ee;

14) Kissing the Yemani Corner or raising one’s hand to it after every pass;

15) To wipe (ones hands) on the walls of the Ka’ba from all sides;

16) To walk backwards when exiting from Ka’bah;

17) Ascending to the peak of as Safaa wa Marwa;

18) Standing during sa’ee before reaching Marwa;

19) Going to Arafat to stand there on the day of al-Tarwiya;

20) Journey from Mina to Arafat in the evening on the day of al-Tarwiya;

21) Climbing Mount Arafat, and believing that your Hajj is incomplete without it;

22) Collecting pebbles for the Jamaraat immediately after arriving to Muzdalifah;

23) Collecting all the pebbles for the three of four days for the Jamaraat from Muzdalifah;

24) Throwing shoes or a large stones at the Jamaraat;

25) Believing that the Shaytaan is constricted in the Jamaraat;

26) Shaving a portion of the head and leaving the rest;

27) To believe that it’s recommended to make Umrah after Hajj.

And this is what Allaah has made easy in this topic. O Allaah! Make us amongst those who are guided and guide others, not amongst the misguided nor those who misguide others.

And Glorified is Allah and all praises belong to Him. And I bear witness none deserves to be worshipped except Allaah, I seek His forgiveness, and seek repentance to Him.

Reference: Tah-dheeru min Bid’ah fee al-Hajj” page 28-31


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