Tahdheeb Sharaf Ashaabil-Hadeeth by Al-Khateeb al-Baghdaadi (Pt 8)

8: The Truth Is With The People of Hadeeth And They Are The Most Deserving Of Deliverance In The Hereafter And Being First In Paradise

Haroon ar-Rasheed said, “I sought (to find) four things and I found them in four: I sought kufr and I found it with the Jahmiyyah. I sought Kalaam (theological rhetoric) and I found it with the Mu’tazilah. I sought lying and I found it with the Raafidah. And I sought the truth and I found it with the People of Hadeeth.”

Abdullaah bin Sulaimaan bni al-Ash’at said: I heard Ahmad bin Sinaan say, “Al-Waleed al-Karaabeesee was my paternal uncle. When death came to him he said to his offspring, “Do you know anyone more knowledgeable of Kalaam than me?” They said, “No”. He said, “So do you suspect me?”. They said, “No”. He said, “Then I will advise you, will you accept?” They said, “Yes”. He said, “Upon you is what the People of Hadeeth are upon, for I have seen the truth to be with them…”. Abu Bakr al-Ash’at said, “He (Al-Waleed) was the most knowledgeable of people of Kalaam after Hafs al-Fard al-Karaabeesee, and Hussain al-Karaabeesee had learnt Kalaam from him.”

Abdur-Rahmaan bin Abdur-Rahmaan bin Muhammad bin Quraish al-Anbaree al-Basree said, “Everyone who adopts a saying and then flees with it to other than hadeeth, then to misguidance does he traverse”.

Abu Ja’far an-Nufailee said, “If there was anyone on the face of the earth who would be delivered (in the Hereafter), then it is those who seek hadeeth”.

Shaadh bin Yahyaa said, “I do not know of a straighter way to Paradise than that of the one who traverses the path of hadeeth”.

Ibn al-Mubaarak said, “The firmest of people upon the Siraat are the People of Hadeeth”.

Al-Hasan bin Alee at-Tameemee said, “I was performing Tawaaf when there occurred in my mind, “Who is the one who will be put ahead on the Day of Judgement?” Then a caller proclaimed, “The People of Hadeeth”.”
Tahdheeb Sharaf Ashaabul-Hadeeth of al-Khateeb al-Baghdaadee (p.75-76)


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