Objectives of Islamic Belief and Creed – Shaykh Salih Al‐Uthaymeen

Objectives of Islamic Belief and Creed

The Arabic word Hadaf (Objective) has several meanings: an object which one takes aim at and shoots at; an object of want and desire. The objectives of Islamic creed can be defined as those noble purposes which one aims to achieve by believing in and adhering to it.

They are many, and some of them are as follows:

The first objective: sincerity and purity of intention. Allah is the Creator Who has no partner, and the intention and worship must be only to Him alone.

The second objective: liberation of the mind and intellect from false notions, foolishness and irrationality. Whoever is devoid of this true belief and creed becomes depraved intellectually and spiritually, becomes a worshipper of material things and physical desires or stumbles along with various misguided, deviant and foolish doctrines and ideologies.

The third objective: tranquility and peace of heart and mind. Belief dissolves despair, loss of heart and anxiety, be‐ cause by belief one is attached to his Lord, Creator and Cherisher. He accepts His Lord and Sustainer as his Law‐ maker, Legislator, Ruler and Judge and becomes satisfied with Allah’s wise Qadar. His heart opens wide for the religion of Islam and doesn’t desire any substitute.

The fourth objective: A clear consciousness, purity and sincerity in intention and actions in the worship of Allah, the one true God, and also in all dealings and relationships with people. The fundamental principle of Islam is following the Messengers in purity and sincerity, and in intention and action.

The fifth objective: seriousness and determination in all affairs. A faithful believer does not miss an opportunity to do a good deed hoping for its reward, and to avoid the temptation towards evil deeds fearing its punishment, be‐ cause from among the fundamental principles of Islam is belief in the Resurrection and the Reckoning for good and evil deeds.

The sixth objective: establishment of a strong nation and community of believing Muslims who give generously all that they have for the sake of Allah to protect and reinforce its foundations. These kinds of believers are not concerned about the problems they face in Allah’s cause.

The seventh objective: ultimate happiness and felicity in this life and the Hereafter, by reformation and cultivating good actions in individuals and groups, in order to achieve the highest and most noble of rewards.


‘The Explanation of the Fundamentals of Islamic Belief’ By the Late Eminent Scholar, Sheikh Muhammad ibn Salih Al‐Uthaymeen




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